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Staff Recruitment Package JuniorExecutive Executive
(salary <=$3000) (salary >$3000<$5000)
Free drafting of Job description  Yes  Yes
 First Selection of canditates  Yes  Yes
Arranging for shortlisted candidates’ interview  Yes  Yes
Preparation of employment contract  Yes  Yes
Managing new hire on boarding  Yes  Yes
Managing new hire on boarding  Yes  Yes
Free ½ day employee orientation  Yes  Yes
For New Customer
Complimentary (30 minutes) review of staff needs and benefits Yes Yes
Complimentary Simplified Employee Handbook Yes Yes
Promotion Price (All in -net in SGD) $500 $800

      1. Guarantee replacement for 1 month of service.

      2. Skill training before reporting on first day of work    

      3. Promotion period: From now to 31 December 2017


Tax Service Corporate Tax GST
  Employee<50 Employee<50
Review of Company tax system  Yes  Yes
 Advice on Tax Planning  Yes  Yes
Design Tax workflow process  Yes  Yes
Prepare Annual Tax Return  Yes  Yes
Draft letter to IRAS to apply for Tax incentives  Yes  Yes
Answer for any Tax query from IRAS  Yes  Yes
Free ½ day Tax Consultancy  Yes  Yes
For New Customer
Complimentary Advise on Tax System in Sinagpore Yes Yes
Complimentary Tax Planning for up to Two Key Persons/Directors Yes Yes
Promotion Price (All in -net in SGD) $1200 $800

     1. Promotion period from now and till 31 December 2017


Our Business Partners Our Banker
Xero | SP-Reneedean-AIA     OCBC Bedok Branch
website: http://www.xero.com | Email: candyc@aia.com.sg      Website: ocbc.com.sg





Latest News

Launch of Li N Li Academy

26 July 2017

Launch of Li N Li Academy from 1 August 2017, with a series of short Accounting, Human Resource, Tax and Financial Planning courses for  Company’s employees. Visit our marketing platform www.bizonline.sg to view the courses details and booking.

New Partner with Xero accounting software

27 Nov 2016

We have partnered with Xero, a leading accounting software enterprise to provide online and real time book keeping, accounting, cash management and invoicing for SME. Just pay a small monthly subscription and you can enjoy the real time financial reporting and cash management function. Know more about Xero accounting software, visit www.xero.com

Launched for Li N Li first Book : Start Ups and Risk Management Guide Business Stakeholders and Investors by author Ms Linda Ng 

25 July 2017

A  handy 30 pages ebook that guide start ups on how to do and manage their business successfully. If you are in business for less than a year, send us an email to get a copy for free or Call us today to find out more +65 94503774